Arrigo Mazzi



4 Stories by Arrigo Mazzi

Europe’s bad cook no longer hesitates between enlargement and reforms

The enlargement of the European Union in 2004, with the accession of 10 countries of Eastern and Southern Europe to the European Union was...
0 4 min read

What next after the ECHR decision on climate change?

With its latest decision, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled that government inaction on climate change violated fundamental human rights. The aim...
0 4 min read

A new European “definition” for freedom of speech?

The National Conservatism Conference, though it was labeled as “Farage’s and Orbán’s right wing jamboree” is not the meeting point for hardcore European Neo-Nazis....
0 3 min read

Meloni on the wrong track?

There hasn’t been a week lately without an article about the surge of far-right parties in Europe before the next EP election. If one...
0 4 min read

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