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Von der Leyen’s vicious master plan to keep power

With the upcoming European election, the science-fiction world of digital geopolitics seems to be turning into reality. In this new reality, far right can...
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French-German double game paves the way for China to become a regional hegemon

Despite the fact that a number of platforms of cooperation aimed at developing mutually beneficial relations between the European Union or its regions and...
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They are fighting for the freedom of speech, aren’t they?

On May 17, 2024, the European Council decided to suspend the broadcasting of four media outlets in the EU (following the similar step taken...
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The German dilemma

Ukraine has just adopted a new law regarding enlists. A move that is set to make lives of Ukrainian men more difficult, regardless of...
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Can German ’Climate Chancellor’ tackle Chinese green tech giants?

Accelerated growth of Chinese green energy in Europe seems to be another area the European Union seems unable to tackle. In this respect, the...
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Vox populi, vox dei … or not

November 2023. Geert Wilders and his “far-right” Partijd voor de Vrijheid (PVV) party won the snap Dutch general elections, gaining 23.5 percent of the...
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Trouble brews in Renew (again)

About three years ago, Euronews ran an article about the internal debates within Renew Europe: about differences “pitting the old liberals and democrats of...
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Desperate times call for desperate measures

Ever since Hippocrates, humanity often relied on the desperate times call for desperate measures principle in their need. Starting with the Roman Republic, one...
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