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Looking back over the past two months, a definite increase of voices in the EU arguing for a more direct involvement in the war...
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The end of the French “gloire”?

Though President Macron’s suggestion to send NATO soldiers to Ukraine was not completely out of the blue, yet it was so shocking, something difficult...
0 4 min read

One possible reason behind the sudden urge to send troops to Ukraine?

When French President Emanuel Macron said that Europe shouldn’t rule out sending ground troops to Ukraine to prevent Russia from winning the war, this...
0 3 min read

Europeans vs Informational Warfare 0:1

One would be excused to think that, given the sheer number of surveillance scandals and data leaks during the last decade, people in top...
0 3 min read

Polish ’Agro-Transformers’ against Ukrainian grain and, Polish PM Tusk?

’Those tractors are actually Transformers, aren’t they?’ To our family’s general amusement, my 5-year old son asked me this question when he saw on...
0 4 min read

EU Parliamentary Elections – The Challenges

Although it is a cliché, we have to agree that the past couple of years, or even a decade, have been really turbulent regarding...
0 3 min read

European defence games split the EU Member States

On October 9, 2023 the European Council (EUCO) gave a green light to new rules to boost common procurement in the EU defence industry....
0 4 min read

German industry in crisis?

The people of Berlin witnessed a strange sight in recent weeks. Almost two weeks already when tractors shut down roads in Berlin, in the...
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