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29 Stories by Ana Richter

Orbanism on the rise? – Should Europe be afraid of a Fico government in Slovakia?

Late September early elections are coming in Slovakia. A few weeks before voters go to the polling stations former PM Robert Fico’s Smer party...
0 2 min read

Allies but Rivals – US economy to master sedentary EU

In 2008 the economies of the EU and US were almost the same size. In 2022 the US economy has already reached USD 25...
0 3 min read

Tourism Economy: End of Vacation, End of Illusions

Vacation season is coming to an end on the Northern hemisphere and this summer has seen a lot of new trends and some surprising...
0 2 min read

EU financial support to Ukraine: gracious but painful

The European Union is planning to provide Ukraine with an aid of 50 billion euros in the next 4 years (2024-2027). The EU is...
0 2 min read

Would Europe really benefit from the abolition of unanimity?

Qualified majority voting eventually might not be the best idea in a time when far-right parties see a growing chance to get into power...
0 2 min read

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