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Everything wrong with the G7 agreement on global corporate tax

Headlines varied but most of global media covered the recent developments around the global corporate tax with titles „Rich countries have struck a deal”...
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The results of the America First – Covid/Biden approach

As if it were an answer for the Biden Administration’s previous efforts to shift the blame in the delay of delivering Covid-19 vaccines to...
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On Project Veritas, CNN and mainstream media

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Hamlet’s evergreen is probably greener than ever, at least when it comes to mainstream media. As...
0 4 min read

RIP the Comprehensive Agreement on Investment?

Less than 3 months after the two sides agreed on a political deal, things took a turn to the worse. Within a few days...
0 3 min read

Brexit to demand some attention again

Everybody, rock your body, right. Brexit’s back, all right. Three unilateral moves of London, in quick succession, threaten with the delaying of the European...
0 2 min read

Governments vs social media reloaded

After many years of “neglect” (freedom) 2021 might bring a strong regulation phase for Big Tech. Social media, or rather social media companies have...
0 3 min read

A few thoughts on the EU-China deal

A few months ago, we wrote a lengthy analysis about EU-China-US relations, reasoning for a united front among EU members and the need of...
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Five things to watch this year

Goodbye 2020, welcome 2021. The year might have ended, but most of the conflicts and problems that defined it are here to stay. Here...
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