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The German dilemma

Ukraine has just adopted a new law regarding enlists. A move that is set to make lives of Ukrainian men more difficult, regardless of...
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Can German ’Climate Chancellor’ tackle Chinese green tech giants?

Accelerated growth of Chinese green energy in Europe seems to be another area the European Union seems unable to tackle. In this respect, the...
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Vox populi, vox dei … or not

November 2023. Geert Wilders and his “far-right” Partijd voor de Vrijheid (PVV) party won the snap Dutch general elections, gaining 23.5 percent of the...
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Trouble brews in Renew (again)

About three years ago, Euronews ran an article about the internal debates within Renew Europe: about differences “pitting the old liberals and democrats of...
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Desperate times call for desperate measures

Ever since Hippocrates, humanity often relied on the desperate times call for desperate measures principle in their need. Starting with the Roman Republic, one...
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Looking back over the past two months, a definite increase of voices in the EU arguing for a more direct involvement in the war...
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The end of the French “gloire”?

Though President Macron’s suggestion to send NATO soldiers to Ukraine was not completely out of the blue, yet it was so shocking, something difficult...
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One possible reason behind the sudden urge to send troops to Ukraine?

When French President Emanuel Macron said that Europe shouldn’t rule out sending ground troops to Ukraine to prevent Russia from winning the war, this...
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