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2021 will see a new German chancellor – but who?

It seems that German chancellors are prone to “last long”. In fact, Angela Merkel just recently marked 15 years at the helm of Germany:...
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Biden and the NATO: what to expect?

Most European countries (and the EU) have their hopes high up when it comes to the upcoming Biden presidency. Many hope, that Joe Biden...
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Budgetand recovery fund unblocked

During the first half of the week it seemed that the EU will need to leave out Poland and Hungary from the recovery fund,...
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Preparing for the Biden Presidency

Now, when Donald Trump almost acknowledged his loss, a quick and quite spectacular scramble has begun to gain the ears and eyes of President-Elect...
0 3 min read

A not-so-unexpected twist in the MFF saga

The trenches are dug and the dice are cast. This could be the short summary of the latest development of the EU MFF/Recovery Fund...
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The War of Maps

The way we visualize or describe a thing will determine our thinking about the thing itself in the long term. That’s why aspiring journalists...
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First there were the Black Swans, now you have Radical Uncertainty

Every aspiring IR student knows that there are known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns. Or that there are low probability/high impact scenarios. Or...
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Rough weeks in France

16 October, 2020. Samuel Paty, a history teacher was beheaded in a Parisian suburb in what President Emmanuel Macron has called an “Islamist terrorist...
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