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Restrictions popping up again across Europe

It was too good to be true. Starting May, plus/minus few weeks, countries all over the world began to lift restrictions. Life was supposed...
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European strategic independence – a few thoughts on capabilities

It was not President Trump’s doing. His sometimes hectic and other times unorthodox foreign policy only forced European leaders to say it out loud:...
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Chinese or not Chinese, that is the question?

Even those who had no illusions about the differences between the Trump and the Biden administration might be surprised by the latest twist of...
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Happily divorced … now what?

After a lot of theatrics, that included among others then-European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker greeting Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban with a not-so diplomatic...
0 3 min read

A shadow on transatlantic relations?

After the few weeks of the rosy honeymoon had passed, the boring and occasionally harsh reality of the mundane workdays has started to take...
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A Very Bad Idea

Just like the transition process of so many other countries that emerged from behind the Iron Curtain to re-establish their place on the right...
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Tough times for the German conservatives

Armin Laschet definitely had a rough start as the chairman of the CDU. Would he be superstitious he could claim that the possible successors...
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Western Balkans vs COVID-19

On paper, everything looks great. The EU supplied a €38 million immediate support package to the Western Balkans health sector. The EU supplied free...
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