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EU Parliamentary Elections – The Challenges

Although it is a cliché, we have to agree that the past couple of years, or even a decade, have been really turbulent regarding...
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European defence games split the EU Member States

On October 9, 2023 the European Council (EUCO) gave a green light to new rules to boost common procurement in the EU defence industry....
0 4 min read

German industry in crisis?

The people of Berlin witnessed a strange sight in recent weeks. Almost two weeks already when tractors shut down roads in Berlin, in the...
0 2 min read

European House of Cards

The episodes of the coming months in European politics promise to be no less exciting than those seen in House of Cards, an American...
0 3 min read

Europe in a sickbed

The fact that the European Union is in crisis right now is so obvious that the purpose of this piece is not to provide...
0 4 min read

Poor Zelenskyy?

In his New Year’s speech on 31 December 2023, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, encouraging Ukrainian citizens to increase their patriotic contribution to the war...
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European Parliament’s ’Bonnie’: Eva Kaili’s Dirty Tricks To Derail Her Case

Greeks are smart and inventive – this is well-known from history such as the fact that Ancient Greece is the cradle of democracy. Beyond...
0 4 min read

Slovakia after the elections: Fico inherits a troubled country from his Pro-European predecessors

When critics of the newly elected Prime Minister Robert Fico spread their fears around Europe they should probably rather start with observing how the...
0 3 min read

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