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Tough times for the German conservatives

Armin Laschet definitely had a rough start as the chairman of the CDU. Would he be superstitious he could claim that the possible successors...
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Western Balkans vs COVID-19

On paper, everything looks great. The EU supplied a €38 million immediate support package to the Western Balkans health sector. The EU supplied free...
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When going green, slow might be better

„Wisely and slow, they stumble that run fast.” /William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet/ The tragic story of Romeo and Juliet is a great example...
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The CDU has a new(ish) leader

The German Christian Democratic Union (CDU) held its first virtual congress on 16 January, with almost 1000 delegates and without any major glitches. In...
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2021 will see a new German chancellor – but who?

It seems that German chancellors are prone to “last long”. In fact, Angela Merkel just recently marked 15 years at the helm of Germany:...
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Biden and the NATO: what to expect?

Most European countries (and the EU) have their hopes high up when it comes to the upcoming Biden presidency. Many hope, that Joe Biden...
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Budgetand recovery fund unblocked

During the first half of the week it seemed that the EU will need to leave out Poland and Hungary from the recovery fund,...
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Preparing for the Biden Presidency

Now, when Donald Trump almost acknowledged his loss, a quick and quite spectacular scramble has begun to gain the ears and eyes of President-Elect...
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