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Macron reloaded

For the last week, media was loud from rebuttals and angry outburst about the very latest interview given by President Macron, aboard the French...
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Pentagon leaks – key takeaways

The so-called “Pentagon Leaks” have rattled Washington and left the U.S. in a hurried scramble to do damage control. The Pentagon had to confirm...
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Takeaways from the Putin – Xi meeting

It might have been a “bro fest celebrating authoritarian power”, as it was said by Senator Jeff Merkley (D-Ore). Or it might have been...
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The ‘Nord Stream-investigation’ tragicomedy goes on

There is a scene in the 1997 American political satire Wag the Dog, when the two main protagonists, Conrad Brean and Stanley Motss have...
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The Ukrainian Stone Soup

Most of us are familiar with the folk story “Stone Soup”. The settings and the main characters may be slightly different in every country....
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Qatargate keeps the EP busy

Qatargate has not rocked the very fundaments of the EU (in fact the European Commission and the European Council have already declared that the...
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From Stockholm with love

Fireworks in Stockholm meant the beginning of the New Year and the beginning of the Swedish rotating presidency of the European Council. While, in...
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The hottest topics to watch in 2023

From prolonged pre-2024 election season in the US to rising tensions all around Asia and the Middle East, the world faces a host of...
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