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Five things to watch in the upcoming Polish elections

The Polish general elections are maybe months away, but the knives are already all out. Not a complete surprise, given the high stakes. Three...
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The European Parliament needs a rule of law lesson, as well

For the last few weeks, MEPs and foreign ministers have repeatedly expressed their “discomfort” at the looming Hungarian and Polish EU presidencies. As Hungary’s...
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A solution for Ukraine’s grain exports … for now

For more than a year, Ukraine enjoyed the unwavering support of the EU, as a whole. For many months, its European allies delivered weapons,...
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Another win for China

In the time when German Christian Democrats are reconsidering their long-term pragmatic approach to China, Russia decided to take yet another step towards Beijing....
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Key takeaways from the State of the Union Speech

Maybe with a little less fanfare than usually, but U.S. President Joe Biden has delivered his annual State of the Union speech to Congress...
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France and Germany on the way of reconciliation

It’s been several weeks ago that President Biden introduced his Inflation Reduction Act, as the multibillion-dollar green subsidies act got dubbed. While it was...
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Key takeaways from Davos

The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum is (finally) over. From one point of view, it was a great success: there were more...
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Schengen miseries

It is very likely that by the time this article appears, the next round of EU’s Justice and Home Affairs Council would be over,...
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