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Europe once again between the hammer and anvil

Europe stands united behind Ukraine and is, as of now willing to pay the price of this decision. As many analysts have pointed already...
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A few thoughts on research funding

A few weeks ago, China’s attempts to influence research on a Dutch university made it to the headlines, being labelled as “one of Europe’s...
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Macron vs The Prince

From time to time, Facebook (or Meta?) bombards its users with online quizzes, like “Who said this?”, “From which book is this quote?” and...
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Why the EU should maybe reconsider its attitude towards walls

As the fourth (third? fifth?) wave of COVID hit Europe and as all eyes were fixed on Glasgow, a little tit-for-tat in Brussel was...
0 5 min read

The boring realities of rule of law debates

The last few days saw a lot of events. Starting with yet another set of leaked offshore documents, this time called Pandora Papers. The...
1 4 min read

New job opening in Germany: Negotiator-in-Chief

It’s still too early to name the next chancellor of Germany (or is it not? – given the chaos inside the CDU/CSU leadership), but,...
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German elections

As the world held its breath and watched as the new realm of the Taliban unfolds in Afghanistan or as the President of United...
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A new approach to Danish immigration policy

A new law proposed by the Danish Social Democratic Government and supported by the opposition on the right and the far right takes an...
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