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Renewed interest in a global minimum corporate tax rate

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has found a new supporter for one of its pet projects, a goal it has been...
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Dutch government resigns after benefit scandal

Given the chaos in the US and the spread of COVID-19 mutations, a less reported news from mid-January was the resignation of the complete...
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Vaccine wars

Even before the first efficient vaccines appeared on the market, it was obvious that in the early phases, demand will exceed the supply. And...
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Breaking Bad. London Edition.

Being so close to each other, it is hard to imagine that the UK and the EU can coexist successfully without a strong cooperation,...
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Your Opinion is Highly Appreciated: Is the Future Really Asian?

As part of my summer reading list (that contains among others A Gentleman in Moscow, from Amor Towles, a truly good read, or Radical...
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Another round of Brexit talks and … not much result

There’s a little more than a month until the October 16-17 Summit that is supposed to finalize the Brexit deal. And that’s an awfully...
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Growing Turmoil in the Eastern Mediterranean

Tensions escalating. Contested island. Dispute about maritime rights. Warships colliding. Well, this could describe the US-China standoff in the South China Sea. Only it...
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Alas, there’s not even one step forward on the Brexit front

Before last week felt like a quiet one. After the great excitement of Tuesday (the EU has a budget at last, yeah – of...
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