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Desperate times call for desperate measures

I have to admit, I am a huge fan of Tom Clancy, RIP. Jack Ryan is the perfect patriotic hero, the earlier version of...
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Still time to learn from our 2009 mistakes – or many sectors will go down the drain once again

It’s not a big surprise that European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen heavily criticized the lack of solidarity between member states during the...
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The Great Stress Test of Our Societies

The Covid-19 pandemic became the Great Stress Test of the European Union. Here in Europe, our societies have been spared from wars and bloody...
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Tough days behind Mr. Zuckerberg’s back. But there are many ahead.

The Munich Security Conference gains a lot of attention every year. This year, besides some high profile politicians and business leaders, a surprise guest...
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Greta Thunberg – a more correct picture

Beyond the marketing – the quick rise of Greta and all those behind it First, let me be clear. I’m not against Greta Thunberg....
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Everything that’s wrong with Macron’s enlargement non-paper in 2 minutes (or more)

Christmas is around the corner, everyone’s busy with planning, baking, buying, wrapping and decorating, so I’ll try to keep this as short as possible....
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Give the kids those damned marshmallows

Sinterklaas is here. Mountains of chocolate everywhere. Looking at the kids walking on the streets with their goodies and wanting to eat “just one...
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Ready, set, roll

After a few changes and a slight delay, the von der Leyen Commission finally got the green light from the Parliament. In theory, nothing...
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