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How the EU (almost) stole Christmas

Slightly surprisingly, there haven’t been many memes published (yet) about Commissioner Helena “Grinch” Dalli stealing Christmas. Which, of course is not exactly the truth....
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US sanctions to tackle systemic corruption in Bulgaria

For understandable reasons, the sanctions introduced against Bulgaria under the Global Magnitsky Act got far less attention than the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, COVID...
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A new crisis in the making?

According to one estimate of the UNHCR, about 550,000 people were forced to leave their homes in Afghanistan since the beginning of this year....
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A few thoughts on the Nord Stream II deal

There are many arguments pro and contra the Nord Stream II pipeline. If one would ask German businessmen, like former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder or...
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Rainbow Wars

For a very long time it seemed that only a few topics could possibly push the COVID pandemic off from the front page, but...
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G7 back in person, finally … so what?

The Cabris Bay G7 Summit Communiqué is lengthy. About 13960 words from start to finish, excluding the title at the beginning and the usual...
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Everything wrong with the G7 agreement on global corporate tax

Headlines varied but most of global media covered the recent developments around the global corporate tax with titles „Rich countries have struck a deal”...
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The results of the America First – Covid/Biden approach

As if it were an answer for the Biden Administration’s previous efforts to shift the blame in the delay of delivering Covid-19 vaccines to...
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