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13 Stories by Leslie Zelinka

A few thoughts on the EU-China deal

A few months ago, we wrote a lengthy analysis about EU-China-US relations, reasoning for a united front among EU members and the need of...
0 5 min read

Five things to watch this year

Goodbye 2020, welcome 2021. The year might have ended, but most of the conflicts and problems that defined it are here to stay. Here...
0 4 min read

Environment vs children, really?

It’s happened a few weeks ago but it was lost in the chaos of COVID restrictions and the renewed battle around MFF. Most of...
0 2 min read

The future US – UK special relations looks blurry

The latest round of negotiations ended, quite predictably, with no result. And with the EU ruling out the possibility of a special Brexit summit...
0 3 min read

Failure of the Swedish model

Sweden has been trying to hide the consequences of its disastrous COVID-19 response for too long. The country’s strategy is a clear failure; Sweden...
0 4 min read

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